From the Pastor's Desk

A Prayer for our Country

Righteous and Merciful God,

We come to you as humble servants, eager to do Your will. We love you, oh God, and want nothing more than to please You. 

But Father, we are suffering and facing immense trials and tribulations in these days and times. We are up against issues and occurrences most of us have never seen in our lifetime.

People are filled with hate, rage, fear, and angst; and these emotions are transforming into belief systems that are precipitating actions. People are filled with hate towards each other...and it's mostly because of the color of one's skin. 

Our black brothers and sisters are being killed and sacrificed by those in societal positions designed to serve and protect us...the people. But the chaos of the world and the influence of the adversary is turning people against each other and black and brown people are targets. 

It has become an epidemic, Lord. 

We can't take anymore! 

So we come to you, God, for guidance, strength, wisdom, and inherent love for our fellow man to keep us and help us push through. 

We know the ways of the world are NOT what you would have for us. We know You are saddened by these actions. But we also know that You love ALL of us in spite of our actions. 

We ask that you show all of us the way, YOUR truth and the light. Protect us, Father, from ourselves and any entity that seeks to destroy us. We know that You are bigger, stronger, and more powerful than these earthly problems and we should seek only You for the solutions. 

So today, Father God, we seek You and ask for your favor, grace, mercy and life-changing, supernatural blessings of change for the us stand firm as Your children against hate and racism  and make us victorious!

In the Holy name of Christ Jesus, 


God said, "It is done!"

Count Your Blessings


Have you ever watched as a child has taken their very ever amount of change and laid it on a counter; placed it on the table or on the floor —- and they count it to the very last penny?.... Each penny is just as important as the nickels and dimes and quarters in their possession... Well, what if we did the same with our blessings? So often we only count the large or noticeable blessings! We only tell about the ones that demonstrate God’s goodness! But each day, if we think about it, is filled with many blessings— some the size of a penny and some the size of a ‘lottery windfall!’ But as the children do— they count their blessings one by one and recognize their richness as we claim what God has done


So today, dig down in your mental pockets and purses and bring out your spiritual change. Then take time to count your blessings—- for waking up, for traveling mercies, for children and partners and spouses, for the rain, for challenges and victories and so much more! Count your many blessings and see what God has done! 


Have a great, blessed and wonderful day!

Total Praise

The song "Total Praise" was ringing loud and clear in my thoughts this morning.... For in this season -- a season of many things--- loss, cold, uncertainty, sacrifice, inconsistency, challenges, violence, joyless days and very dark nights..... the refrain says, "You are the source of my strength, You are the strength of my life--- I lift my hands in total praise to you!"  

This morning and any time we need to, we can lift our hands --- high! Not to lift them in surrender or defeat, but to lift them so as we breathe in, we take in the breath of God and we exhale all that is weighing us down! We can never breathe in deeply the goodness of God if we are simply sitting --- we must stand up on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ and reach for the highest high, praising God and shaming the enemy! 

So today, make the promise to praise the Lord, no matter what--- for the Word says, 'Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord! Praise Ye the Lord!"

Have a great, blessed and wonderful day!

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